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Race Evaluation

HVO Clear Lake: Red


1. +00:45No warm up, since I work for the meet all morning. Go up on road, cut into the yellow, up the hill and right into an area with lots of fallen trees. Slow. Not good.
2. +01:00To trail, N around yellow swamp, leave trail at wall intersection. I am almost on the line. Should have stayed lower and out of the rocks.
3. +00:45To trail, around the swamp, cross the stream and into reentrant. Hm, puzzled no control. See it on top of the hill after some intuiting.
4. +00:30Straight, on the line, up on trail, leave it too early, could have stayed longer or even go over the hill. then around N side of hill to control.
5. Down to swamp. Fallen trees again, some hard work, then straight uphill, practically on the line. Now I think the trail on the ridge would have been faster, maybe?
6. Straight over to the trail, over the first hill, reentrant and over to control. I like this area, very fine and intricate.
7. Down, trail, follow spur to control.
8. Kind of a weird route, I go to trail, run down, cut around the south end of large swamp. I have been stuck in this ""light"" green which is not so light there, so I rather go around.
9. +00:30Along the hill, under yellow open cliffs, see cliff line N of control, almost overrun control, go back to it.
10. Go up on the trail and over the hill, drop down to control. More climb, but easier running.
11. +01:00Drop to trail, stay on it until I see the yellow open, than I contours along the hill. I am somewhat low, drop to lower cliff, when I don't see the control on upper cliff. In turns out the control is on the uppermost cliff. More careful map reading would have brought me there right away.
12. +00:20Go along hill, try to avoid the thorny bushes, have to cross them anyway. Follow road to small hill, I contours to control.
13. See that I have two minutes left to be under sixty minutes. Don't believe I can make it, but I give it a shot. This means running fast.
F. Route choice via wooden bridge or road. Decide for road, no brainer and good sprint ground.

Total Time Lost - 00:04:50

Split Analysis

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