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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Red


1. I woke-up in the night ill from eating something bad. I didn't get it all out so I had only Pepto Bismal for breakfast. That got me on the course but I still had to take it easy. I ran behind Anna Shafer-Skelton to the first control on the trail.
2. I used trails and passed Anna before we diverged. I cut in just before the trail started climbing and spiked it.
3. +00:30I was not happy about the high blue berry and still getting used to running in it. I decided it'd also be safer to run along the ridge in the white woods. I didn't find much of a clearing so going out of the way didn't help much. I passed Peggy who was going to #6. I got a bit high at the end and just past it before dropping in to the reentrant.
4. I ran fairly straight and hit it.
5. I missed slightly left of the control. Another older man didn't recognize the depression and went almost right past it as I went in.
6. +00:40I tried to play it safe by using the trails but I got on the wrong one. Correcting, I slowly got there.
7. I ran a bit left of straight for better running. Someone followed me in.
8. +01:00I thought the road on the right would be too far out of the way. I went straight, then got on a curvey trail. taking me right. Feeling I'd made an error, I figured I needed to be even safer. I ran SW on the road to where it started to rise. Rather than climb the hill and use the trail, I figured it better to run across the open white woods. They weren't as fast as I'd hoped. I got a little left at the end and had to correct.
9. I ran the low ground going straight. As I neared, I cut right on a trail and followed it up before going in to spike it.
10. I ran fairly straight but got into the wrong reentrant first. I corrected and observed an older Russian doing the same while others hunted the wrong reentrant.
11. I went fairly straight. I lost count of the trail crossings but the contours were enough. I started needed to use a toilet around here and didn't get a chance earlier before the start. My route was pretty good but I had to come up at the end just a bit.
12. I was worried about this leg so I cut left on the first diagonal trail. Leaving it near the large spur 400m SE of the control, Iread the contours and vegetation in from there. Some others were converging at the end.
13. I went left of straight to get around the green while several others went straight. I got ahead of them all and spiked it.
14. Feeling more confidence in my navigation, I took the time to figure out that using the road was better for me. I cut back in at the trailhead west of the control and spiked it.
15. I went straight and passed two others. I checked the control description and knew what to expect so I spiked it.
16. I was worried about this one as it seemed a bit of a BINGO control. My aim was true.
17. One of the guys I'd passed earlier was running faster. We left control #16 near the same time. I headed right to use the trails and parking lots. I left the road at the depression past the sign posts. Going straight from there I spiked it.
18. +02:15My thought was to get out before the other guy caught-up. This is how I make many mistakes and I did so again. I passed the guy I'd left at #16 as he headed into #17. Looking back at the map again as I ran, I confused the structure near control #19 with the structure between #16 and #17. I ran to the fence and wondered why the buildings were so big. I though perhaps they just didn't update the map inside the fenced area. I almost got to the road before realizing what I'd done. I cut back going around the north of the fenced area and got back on route. I crossed the road at the dot knoll and ran to the depresion. Several were hunting there. I knew where I was so I kept going and hit it.
19. I could feel myself slowing down. I ran straight and hit the odd ditch at the curve.
20. I angled to the road and cut in at the trail. After going a way, I thought about whether I should have used the road the whole way but it was too late. I stayed on the trail after the Four Mile Rd. crossing. The ridge looked too green to me so I ran around it. I lost time going back to it because as I descended it, I got too far north and had to cut over at the end. I wasn't sure what to expect at the control and was surprised to see an old road cut.
21. I ran to the trail and crossed at Norlemon Rd. Coming down the eastern trail to avoid green near the control, I went through an intersection and saw it. I was expecting it to be on a down slope, not a climb, because I had read up and down incorrectly. I took time to check the code.
22. +00:40Running pretty slow now, I got on the trail and kept going straight at the T-intersection. I figured it'd be safer to aim off to the right so I did. At the ridge drop-off, I saw another control, didn't think it was mine but went over to check it any way. Next I got confused about what code I was going to next. I headed north and saw it at the beginning of the streamers but still stopped to check the code again. Yup. GO control...
F. I jogged at first but when I heard someone coming behind me I picked it up calculating how slow I could go and not still get passed. I guess I calculated correctly and am not sure where the energy came from. It was a slow race for me. Afterward, when I finally got to a bathroom, got changed and back at the car, I just needed to crash. I was getting chills again. I cracked the window, turned on the heat and slept in the car while awards were going on.

Total Time Lost - 00:05:05

Split Analysis

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