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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Day 1 Green X


2. Went to the bigger trail to the right (which turned out to be very slow sand), then to the ditch, attacking from the dot knoll.
4. Straight, then up the trail a bit to the bend, then read the contours and spiked it.
5. +04:00Missed this left, then coming back missed it again and landed in the reentrant to the right of the number 5. Then know where I was, but a lot of time had been lost.
6. +08:00My back went out leaving 5. Some walking, trying to assess the damage, and whether I could continue. But most of the time lost came from losing concentration and going way left, mistaking the spur NW of the control for the one I wanted to pop over. Just couldn't think clearly as I was wandering around. Eventually headed north to the trail, relocated incorrectly, came south to the reentrant west of the control, and found it from there.
8. I was having trouble picking my legs up in the blueberry, so I too the trail to the junction, then straight from there, coming in a bit north, but the knoll was obvious from a distance.
9. Ditch to the trail, cut the corner to the trail that ran past it.
10. +01:00Came in left to a control in the reentrant. Took some time to figure out which reentrant I was in, but then cut over right to it.
12. Not moving well through the blueberries. Mostly kept up a jog, but some stretches of walking lead to a slower time. Aimed off left and hit the trail about where I wanted, at the broad bend, then ran the trail until the rentrant on the line was in sight, attacking from there and spiked it.
14. To the big trail, turning right at the ditch, to the broad reentrant and then contoured right to it.
15. +00:30Drifted a bit right and saw a flag over the hill. As I approached I knew it wasn't mine, which was about 40 meters to the left, but I checked the number anyway before immediately correcting.

Total Time Lost - 00:13:30

Split Analysis

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