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Race Evaluation

BATONA 500: Day 1 Blue


1. The route will be here.
2. Bad map reading
I followed trails and misread the reentrants to the right. I actually looked up the correct reentrant and did not see the bag, so went one to the right, saw all the trails and the fire breaks, and then the control to my left. It was not all time wasted because I got to learn what the dry ditch symbol meant.
3. Went wide left and corrected upon hitting the creek valley. I felt like I was not into the map at all at this point. Things were all farther away than I expected, and contour lines disagreed with me.
4. I started to get more into the map and nailed the control.
5. Bad map reading
But I drifted out of the map consciousness pretty soon. I mistook reentrants on the way and confused ridges. Where I expected to see my control, there was a Red one, and it also took forever to get there. I circled a bit, found the Red control on the map, and went and got mine.
6. As I marched cluelessly "up" to the control, John F caught up (4 minutes; I thought it was 2 until I saw the results). I found the control by accident, by looking to my left. Contour-wise, I did not expect it to be there.
7. Trying to keep up with John kicked my HR way up.
8. Followed others
John seemed very confident going down the hill, way to the left, to a wrong control in a depression 100 m N of ours. D'oh. At least we recovered quickly (I thought we'd actually found a reentrant 100 m NE, not a depression 100 m N, but it didn't affect things).
9. From now on, I didn't want to follow John.
11. And he pulled away on this leg, so that I didn't see him anymore. My legs started to feel heavy after a redeye flight, a month of not training, and a pulled right hamstring last night, so from now on I had to constantly force myself to keep moving and lift my knees through the blueberry.
16. The control was shown on a vague spur, just off the side of the main reentrant, but in reality was at the very bottom, in the line of drainage of this reentrant. I stopped and looked around because of that.
17. I ran cleanly along the purple line, always had an idea where I was, and nailed it.
19. Sure enough, my reward for clean navigation after losing sight of John was catching back up with him.
21. I passed John on this leg, ...
22. ... but he passed me right back.

Total Time Lost - 00:03:20

Split Analysis

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