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Race Evaluation

ICO Camp Ransburg: Orange


4. My approach here was too far north. I was running NE on the gravel road (north of the off-limits ropes course), and then entered the woods where the road bends. Continued generally east from there, but should have run SE to get closer to the water. Also didn't notice that the symbol is a ruined fence. I was expecting to see an upright, fenced area.
5. I went to the ridge top and ran east. The high ground turns 90-deg and continues south. I wanted to follow this turn and look for the control in the reentrant to my right. Instead, I turned an additional 90-degrees and started back to the west along the spur. When I didn't see the bag, a compass check told me I was 90-degrees off. Took some time to relocate. When I turned to face east again, I could see the bag in the distance ahead, to the right. Thank goodness for the good visibility today!
7. Ran alongside the paved road.
11. Ran the trail.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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