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Race Evaluation

ROC: Webster Regular meet: Orange Plus


1. just a little hesitation before the flag
2. light yellow field was aweful - tall graas and uneven surface
3. little hesitation before the flag
4. Good use of my friend broonton
5. Good use of broontoon going exiting previous flag. I could see the flag but I could not get to it easy
6. Exiting flag could have been cleaner
7. Started look for flag too soon
8. Could have used all trails but I decided to go straigh to cut some corners her since this is semi-practice run
9. After march I was lil too on right side
10. Used opening on right to locate myself relatively on the map
11. Exiting flag I was somewhat on right. While in the middle I was not sure exactly how I wanted to execute the route. solution came to me somewhere in the middle when I was running trail. I could read the nose very good just before the flag
12. I went right direction but I could not locate necessary trail. There was a trail but I was not sure if I was on the right trail. At least it was leading into right direction. Saw the flag but too much hesitation when executing route
13. Could not locate the right trails when fighting through the green. Just before flag I opted go go out on opening. Not clean flag for me at all.
14. Pure trail run to the flag
15. Run in the right direction, saw the flag and I was surprised that it was my flag.
16. I knew where to go but I was still "puzzled" about how I "ru" into previous flag
17. Intermidiate finish, map exchange
18. Took a while to get oriented. I knew where the flag was (it was second to last from previous run but I was still shaky from taking #16

Total Time Lost - 00:00:00

Split Analysis

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