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Race Evaluation

CNYO A meet: Sprint - Strong Lungs


1. +00:03Went towards the one on the bridge, then realized I was looking for the top of a stream and looked left and saw it.
2. Went right around the dam. Probably faster to go left.
3. +00:03Missed it just right, but was able to circle in around a bush.
4. ...
5. Got on the lower train and didn't cut up until right before the trail cutting between the two. Hit that and used the junction to cut up along the far side of the earth bank to the vegetation boundary. Crossed the vege boundary to the fields and followed them up to the control.
6. Down to the trail just next to the line. Cut across to the trail at the edge of the field and ran it down and left to the junction just before the control where I attacked in.
7. +00:10Hadn't taken a good look at this leg before punching 6 and for some reason thought I had to go back out to the trail. By the time I got there I realized that I wanted to go up the hill, so I cut up from there.
8. +00:10Took a bad bearing out to the trail and hit it way right giving me some extra running on the trail.
9. Just straight across the stream and up and in.
10. Contoured a bit right, but don't think I lost more than a second or two from going dead straight.
11. Almost straight along the line out to the trail saving a contour. Saw a little trail leading to the control from the trail.
12. Straight in. Saw it from a good distance.
13. +00:10Took a glance and thought it was the control I had seen punching before I started. Ran right to the control at the junction on the right side of the circle. Saw that the code was wrong and quickly realized where I was. Probably about 10 seconds to cut off the field, realize it was the wrong control, relocate, and cut back to the field and reattack the control.
14. ...
F. ...

Total Time Lost - 00:00:36

Split Analysis

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