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Race Evaluation

2006 Sprint Series Finals: Sprint Final - Long


1. Settled in behind Mikey and Eric Bone. Mikey was really trying to push the pace.
2. Mikey strayed a little left out of 1 so I dropped in behind Eric into 2.
3. Eric looked a little unsure coming out of 2 so I decided to take the lead and push the pace.
4. Eric passed me up again on the road after 3, but he started running too far down the path off the road so I got ahead again when I cut off before him. Cut out to the road and almost ran into a police car who pulled up real fast. Looked around for the power lines, but saw the vegetation boundary first so cut off around that and into the control.
5. Just straight in with Eric and Mikey right on my heels.
6. Cut straight out to the road and picked up an unmarked trail under the powerline which connected with the trail back through the little campsite (black circle), then left at the trail junction across the stream where I cut up to the building.
7. +00:10Feeling really good at this point so I decided to push it out of 6. Mikey was right with me on the trail but I cut the corner by the amphitheater and pushed ahead through the buildings. Then the buildings started looking really confusing but I decided to just push through them and relocate on the far side so as not to waste time trying to figure them out. I ended up drifting way right and came out at the trail leading into the field. I immediately realized my mistake but was able to correct quickly and minimize my time lost. I took the trail out towards the field, cutting the corner on the last part and attack the control from the edge of the field. Eric had taken a more direct route and caught up to me again, punching the control just in front of me.
8. Just followed Eric into this one.
9. Came through the map exchange right behind Eric and decided to take the opportunity to settle in behind him and get a good look at the next course before trying to make my move. Mikey had a different plan though and pushed out in front.
10. I left 9 just behind Eric and Mikey and saw Ross coming into the control about 10 seconds back. I was starting to feel tired at this point but knew that this is the part where it was going to hurt the most so I decided to just settle in behind Eric and Mike and try to hold on. Mikey hesitated a bit in the building area just before 10 so Eric and I moved ahead of him.
11. Just followed Eric straight into this one. Had some time to read ahead.
12. In behind Eric all the way to the building just before 12 but he started going too far left so I cut in with Mikey straight to the control gaining a few seconds on Eric.
13. Mikey took the lead out of 12 heading just about straight to 13, but Eric quickly caught us and took the lead again. We hit the road just left of the swamp and crossed it on the road cutting off up the stream. I was a little skeptical about this route, thinking that the trail would have been faster, but I wasn't ready to make my move so I just stayed right behind Eric.
14. Out to the trail and up through the buildings to 14.
15. Both Mikey and Eric started to push it out of 15 so I knew that the time to go was getting soon but I had decided to wait until after 15 to do it. We basically cut straight across out to the buildings just above 12. I recognized the big building next to 12 right away, but Eric looked confused and started to run over by 12. I knew right away that this was my chance as I cut above the building and out on the road to the building where 15 was supposed to be. I saw that both Mikey and Eric hadn't followed me, so I was a little nervous rounding the building, but I was confident that I was right and pushed on. The control was right where I expected it to be.
16. I knew I had the race at this point, but I pushed hard out of 15 just to make sure. As I came into 16 and saw noone behind me I eased up a bit just to be careful.
17. Took it fairly easy out to the field in case Mikey or Eric caught up and wanted to try to outsprint me.
F. Indeed Mikey almost caught me at the GO control, but he wasn't quite close enough to push a sprint finish. It was great running up the finish chute knowing I had won.

Total Time Lost - 00:00:10

Split Analysis

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