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Race Evaluation

Canadian Orienteering Championships Festival: Long - Course 8 (M Elite)


1. Did not like map
Wrong description - said cliff, was on fence. Oops. Think in "clearing"
2. Out to trail on left, clean
3. +00:05Maybe left trail a little early
4. Did not like map
Pretty clean
5. Did not like map
Minor hesitation at end - wasn't sure what to expect
6. Did not like map
Caught in green early. Then couldn't really understand map in that area - a little unclear
7. +00:03Left trail on switchback - maybe bad choice?
8. Bad route choice
Bad route - went too far right to get up hill.
9. Took a chance
Did not like map
Totally did not understand map here - the distance from the pits to the control was way more than advertised and things didn't line up well at all.
10. Clean (and lucky to see it)
11. No attack point
Did not plan ahead
Ended up a little to the right 9downhill) - not paying attention to exactly where I crossed into the field
12. Did not like map
Tough going through the field. Where are the "tracks" that Nick was talking about? Incorrectly described as a spur when it was really in the reentrant.
13. Clean
14. Clean
15. Did not follow plan
Did not like map
A little hesitation halfway, changed plans to cross north of fence halfway and save some climb
16. Did not like map
Much thicker than expected going to the right - straight would have been best
17. Tired
Oh so slow and tired, line wobbled a little to the right
18. Tired
Felt a little unsure coming up the hill, some hesitation
19. Tired
Many unmapped cliff features here, had to relocate off boulder above
20. Tired
Had planned to go all the way left but stupidly went across the field again through heavy grass. Some hesitation at the end as couldn't decide if little depression was in a bigger depression or on a hill (no tags on the contour - would have been helpful!)
21. Clean
22. +00:15All the way right on trails - a little longer but allowed me to drink my Gatorade
23. +00:05Too far to the right early on but turned out OK in the end
24. Tired
Had to stop and tie shoelaces - removing compass and SI - took a bit of time
25. Clean
26. Tired
27. Tired
Very tired so maximized the amount of trail running that I could do - longer route than necessary though
28. Did not like map
Bad compass work
Missed it to the right somehow and caught myself on the little depressions to the south.
29. Clean - direct under line to trail then trail around to right.
30. Did not like map
Stupid *&%$ control. This is where I dropped to third place after sitting in second place for such a long time. The control description was printed over the optimal route and you could either guess or else play it safe and go to the left of the control descriptions. Played it "safe" but lost time and a silver medal. Sigh.
F. Clean, (what else?) tired.

Total Time Lost - 00:06:26

Split Analysis

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