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Race Evaluation

33rd West Point A Meet: Green Y Middle


1. +00:15tentative, getting into mapping style. Along bottom of slope, crossed stream, hesitated as I didn't see second knoll through vegetation
2. +00:15woods looked cleaner on top so I went over instead of around - probably cost me a few
3. mostly straight and careful, picking up deer trails through the green
4. straight
5. straight
6. straight
7. +00:10slowed up to scan the rentrant before 'just in case' even though I knew it wasn't mine
8. +02:00down stream to junction, did a jog L, then R across other stream, but somehow wound up on the bigger hill above cliff - figured it out fairly quickly, but slow picking my way down through cliffs etc to correct location
9. +00:40down to road, up to powerline then along the N side of hill, spotting large rock from a distance, but got around end of spur and saw numerous boulders, couldn't make out which one should be mine, checked most all of them before finding flag hidden behind the least likely candidate (smallish)
10. down to clearing L of line, down hill nicely, skirted around N of rocky knoll and in from the N side. Clean but maybe S side of knoll faster?
11. below the large cliff, very slow in rocky ground across stream, then contoured across to large boulder above then down - glad I had solid attackpoint as bag buried in a hole
12. +01:00pretty much on the line, but quite slow going in rocky ground - certainly my nemesis... followed Hayden for a spell along stream (he was on a streamered leg) he pulled into wall corner, I continued on but marsh with flag seemed farther from Hayden's control than it should have - very tentative on the final 30-40m
13. straight - had remembered seeing this control from the walk to start so knew exactly where it would be, went L around cliff and up
14. straight
F. sprint!!

Total Time Lost - 00:04:20

Split Analysis

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