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Race Evaluation

33rd West Point A Meet: Green Y Middle


1. Trying to get into the map - tough time seeing the knolls through the vegetation once I crossed the stream.
2. +00:15Over the top. Momentarily confused by the knoll NW of the control - rock features had been simplified off it.
3. Up the broad reentrant left of the line, small marsh, look for the high spot.
4. Careful approach. Almost went past it, even though the person in front of me (William Tasker) ducked down and punched in. Tucked in a bit too close...
5. Straight.
6. Big hill on right, see the reentrant, up and in.
7. +02:00Back out of the control, up around to the right. Got tot he flat area and veered too far left. Shoud have rough compassed right of the line, instead got sucked down to lower reentrants and cliffs. Kept going to the intermittent stream, about to panic, looked right and saw it about 75 m upstream.
8. Down the ridge, made sense of the stream junctions, between the knolls. Helped by someone coming up the reentrant to the control and someone coming in from the side. Tucked pretty close behind the tree.
9. +00:20Angled down to the road. Considered ducking in by the power line, but decided to climb on the road. Turned in at the small trail, over the top of the hill (shopuld have gone goen 50 m more and hit the opening between the light green.
10. Down the hill to the road junction, went in from the curve. Boulder hopping down the hill, around below the rock outcrops, features all made sense and in.
11. Crossed the stream above the larger cliffs, more rock hopping, angled down the hill. Was hoping the large rocks I was seeing were the ones that were mapped.
12. ROugh compass, anglign gently down the hill. Across 2 stone walls, a lot of rocky ground, hoping I would see another stone wall - in from the corner - marsh a bit larger than I expected, but saw the control from 30 m away.
13. +00:10Across the stream and of the bank. Lost a few seconds trying to make sure what leveI was at - needed to go up past one more rock face.

Total Time Lost - 00:02:45

Split Analysis

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