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Race Evaluation

Rocky Mountain 1000 Day: Green Day 2


1. Along road to bend and in.
2. +01:00To road, along to far side of hill and yellow, down reentrant, over spur and in. Careful run and slow.
3. Down around first rocks then up reentrant, over spur, contour around reentrant, over spur to bag.
4. Sighted out direction to next control and figured best way was around rocky spur, not straight. So down to road, R to small bend at end, up wide slope between rocks on L and big cliff on R towards area of middle cliff (?) Could not figure out from map or looking at from distance where bag might be so headed up to top and around. Came in just above and dropped in just after Ole punched, having come in from below .
5. Again, looked carefully at map for location of bag, went around reentrant and then straight in.
6. +05:00Left 5 without preparing and headed out in direction of Reds, compass on 4, heading NE to road. Stopped finally to see what was looking for and realized problem. Tried to head straight to 6 but couldn't get into it, searching various formations along the way. Should have gone the road.
7. +04:00Careful now, reading features but went down reentrant too soon to big cliff that seemed to match. Then E to a bag at base of big cliff - NO! but figured position and went in.
8. Over to green reentrant, cross fence near corner, down long reentrant bending R around spur and in.
9. Slightly R to run over top of spur to end, across road, up long reentrant to end of green, up through trough rocks and in just after Charlie Shab.. who had gone low then high.
10. Followed Charlie straight across along with Tom Strat punching just after.
11. They went down and R around rock feature which looked ugly. Went L up and around and then sweet run down yellow and in just before them.
12. Through gap in green, over spur, worked way through green and in.
13. Down, up and over several spur/reentrants and then up and in.

Total Time Lost - 00:10:00

Split Analysis

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