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Training Log: Bash

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Running2 1:55:05 13.13(8:46) 21.13(5:27)
  Snowshoe Running1 1:12:39 5.6(12:58) 9.02(8:03) 181
  Strength & Mobility1 55:00
  Orienteering1 52:27 3.37(15:33) 5.43(9:40) 59
  Mountain Biking2 26:07 2.11(4.8/h) 3.39(7.8/h) 66
  Total7 5:21:18 24.22 38.97 306
averages - sleep:6.2

Thursday Jan 19 #


Phew! It's Jan. 19 and I finally received a 2-page handwritten holiday letter from our 92-year-old friend Joy in Victoria. She was in our group when we paddled the Nahanni River back when she was merely 70. Whenever her annual letter is delayed, I start googling obits and hoping not to find anything. Her family doesn't know us so we wouldn't hear anything otherwise.

For her 92nd birthday, she went on an 8-day group mountain hiking vacation to Manning and Cathedral Provincial Parks in B.C. She was able to do most of the daily 4-hr hikes. These are typical vacations for her; she stays very active.

My favourite part of her letter: "We endured a horrific hail storm on the ridge above the lodge at Cathedral. The Camp Warden was sent up to find us. He passed me coming down on the trail and stopped to talk to a group further uphill behind me. He said he'd been sent out to find a 92-year-old woman and a man with a limp. He was told 'You already saw the 92-year-old and we have the man.'"

I want to be like Joy if I'm lucky enough to be 92 some day.

Wednesday Jan 18 #


Hamilton peeps or peeps within a short drive of Hamilton: Anyone feeling spontaneous? Interested in a little mountain adventure?

At the Dontgetlost Icebreaker, I won two tickets to the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Hamilton Thursday, Jan. 19 - which is tomorrow as I write this but will soon be TONIGHT. Etoile and I were planning to attend but she is getting sick so I now have one ticket available. If it's like most towns, I expect it's sold out so I could scalp this ticket for big bucks - YUUGE bucks. But I'd rather give it to a friend.

It starts at 7 p.m. at Sir John A MacDonald H.S. 130 York Blvd, Hamilton. I'm aiming to get there at 6:30 to get seats. Or seat. :( I'll update this entry if the ticket is claimed. UPDATE: Ticket is claimed.

5 PM

Running (Treadmill) 30:00 [3] 5.83 km (5:09 / km)

Just For Laughs podcast. When I discovered I could connect an iPad to my treadmill speakers for movies, I also realized that a small adapter would allow me to connect my phone. With all the ice and 0C all day, I *could* have run in the forest but I didn't feel like I was missing much.

I spent half the day in court waiting to testify as a witness but the case was postponed for a few weeks.
7 PM

Strength & Mobility 55:00 [3]

Injury prevention class with Dr. Hrkal. He amped it up tonight with two circuits of 19 stations. It's a good collection of exercises, many of which I've done before but some are new.

Tuesday Jan 17 #


More of Plan B: Mohican Mountain Bike 100
June 3
Loudonville, OH
'Bent and I are registered for 100K. This is the week after the Big East River X.

10 AM


Nice day - but only if you don't have to go anywhere.

Monday Jan 16 #


Big East River X
May 27
40 km paddling race out of Huntsville
'Bent and I are registered! (Stock Tandem Canoe category)

Sunday Jan 15 #

10 AM

Orienteering race (O Cup) 52:27 intensity: (30:00 @3) + (22:27 @4) 5.43 km (9:40 / km) +59m 9:10 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Salomon Snowcross1 2nd pair

Toronto Orienteering Club O Cup
Claireville Conservation Area

So nice to have an orienteering event just half an hour from home! And great to see so many friends out practising for the Snowshoe Raid.

Thanks to the quirky weather, there was glare ice on trails, roads and in some flat open areas. The rest was a mix of crusty snow and bare ground. I decided I would put Kahtoola Microspikes on over my spiked Snowcross shoes - heavy artillery. It worked; I had terrific traction on the ice.

I roll my eyes when I read race reports where someone complains about how badly their race went, even though I know they had a good result. I try not to do that but today was a total gong show that somehow finished with a decent result. So let the eye rolling begin!

I was surprised when Oliver called, "Two minutes to start!" I'd been chatting with friends and not looking at my watch. I knew it would take awhile to put on Snowcross with Kahtoolas so I dashed out the door with them. When I heard "30 seconds to go!", I realized that my SI card was still safely stashed indoors so I ran to get it. When I came back out, racers were already running away and I still had to get my Kahtoolas on. I started running while still putting on my gloves, getting an SI card on my finger and getting satellites on my Ambit. I vaguely remembered that I wanted to run away from the parking lot, which some people were doing, so I just followed them without looking at the map while I fussed with my gear. Rookie!

Then I failed to find my first control - F in the O Cup box. When it wasn't where I expected it, I just carried on. I only needed to find one control because of my handicap so I went down the hill looking for E instead. By that time, I'd ended up way too far north so I had to backtrack.

Other than crashing through an icy wetland with bullrushes as tall as I am, things went OK until #6, when I got confused in the trail network. I see now on my GPS track that I was actually on the trail I was aiming for but I was worried so I crashed through some bush to get to the edge of the embankment where #7 was tucked below. The problem was, I didn't know whether to go left or right so I headed over the edge to take a look. Elena Logvina slowed down to look too, and I told her I was untrustworthy right now. She carried on a little farther and pointed out the control to me. Sigh.

We met again at #8 along with Galyna Petrenko. After my mix-up at #7, I didn't want to look like I was following them so I glanced quickly at the map and decided I would cross the big creek right there, without waiting for whatever bridge they were heading for. I broke through the ice, as expected. It was up to my knees and then I fell when I took my next slippery step through the ice. Now I was wet up to my waist and it was *really* cold.

I scrambled back onto the bank and looked at my map. Hey, guess what? Even though the line joining #8 and #9 crossed the winding creek in a few places, #9 was on the same side as #8. Ugh! I started running along the creek.

And then I was on my face and my knee had banged on something. Huh?! Turns out one of the Snowcross gaiters had come unzipped and my left shoelace got tangled in my right Kahtoola Microspike. Basically, I managed to tie my own shoelaces together. I sat on the ground for 60 seconds trying to separate them but I couldn't. In fact, I still haven't. My compass cord got tangled in the MicroSpike too. So I ran the last few controls with my left hand just above my knee holding everything up so I wouldn't trip. When it was time to punch a control, I had to use my opposite hand to pull the SI card up high enough.

Gong show! But I was just happy that I didn't let myself get rattled, even though I can't remember so many things going wrong in 50 minutes. After 14 years of orienteering, I should be able to make it to the start on time, if nothing else, but on the bright side, I was like Monty Python's Black Knight out there! Thanks to my monster handicap, I ended up with a gift certificate as the 3rd woman behind Galyna and Elena. I had to laugh.

Funderstorm arranged a post-race lunch group at Tracks Brewpub in Brampton. Great conversation and 'Bent and I didn't need dinner.

Saturday Jan 14 #

9 AM

Mountain Biking (Fat Biking) 14:25 [3] 1.75 km (7.3 kph) +44m

Rocky Mountain Blizzard - fat bike demo
10 AM

Mountain Biking (Fat Biking) 11:42 [3] 1.64 km (8.4 kph) +22m

Apollo carbon, front suspension fat bike demo

Albion Hills Fat Bike Festival, Superfly Racing

There were 10K and 20K races but 'Bent and I were just attending as spectators so we could try some manufacturer demo bikes and cheer the racers on.

Veinbuster was there for the 10K Poker Run. It was the first time he's ever put on a race number so we cheered extra hard for him.


Start of Race:

Final sprint to beat That Other Guy to the finish line:

I tried two bikes. The first was a Rocky Mountain Blizzard that sells for $2,500 at our local bike shop. It's a good quality bike but a basic one - no suspension, no front derailleur, and it feels a bit heavy, as most fat bikes do. These are the bikes that Albion Hills rents out for $35 for 2 hours or you can rent them directly from Caledon Hills Cycling if you want to take them somewhere else. It was my first fat bike ride and it was a ton of fun!

The second one (this GPS track) was a $6,000 customized carbon bike made by Apollo. It was obviously lighter, it had two gears up front, and it had front suspension. It's in a different universe from any fat bike that I would ever buy but I could certainly feel what you get for the additional $3,500! It was responsive with a nice range of gears, and it moved more easily through ungroomed snow.

Although we were just spectators, Sean Ruppel gave 'Bent permission to do a 10K lap of the race course behind the rest of the field. He doesn't have super fat tires but his lap went well and only one racer passed him.

We enjoyed the spirit of the festival. There were lots of costumes and most people didn't seem to take themselves too seriously. Sean and his wife made a huge vat of chili themselves. There was beer for sale, live music and a bonfire.

We had to tell this father that his young daughter couldn't see anything because his poncho flew in her face when they rode their tandem. He tucked it away. Such a cool bike!

Some of you know Steve Hunter and his wife Lynne.

12 PM


Then we dashed over to the Caledon Community Centre to hear Andrew Yorke talk about the Road to Rio - the story of how he grew up in the sport of triathlon and represented Canada at the Olympics this summer. We've known Andrew since his high school years and it was terrific to see what a good presenter he has become and how gracious he is in crediting other people for their contributions to his success. His parents were sitting behind us and they must have spent most of the past year (and more!) bursting with pride. :)

He said something that made me think about a recent AP discussion about getting itchy in the cold. I think it was FB? Anyway, after his best Olympic qualifier race, which took place in Edmonton in pouring rain and low temperatures, Andrew was not only hypothermic but he had an allergic reaction to the cold and had to take prescription meds for a week post-race!
3 PM

Snowshoe Running 1:12:39 intensity: (50:00 @3) + (22:39 @4) 9.02 km (8:03 / km) +181m 7:19 / km
slept:6.0 shoes: Salomon XR Crossmax CS pink/gr

Snowshoe run around Palgrave East. A third of it was breakable crust with soft, heavy snow underneath. That part was really hard work. The rest was hard, crusty or icy trail with an irregular surface from frozen footprints, bike tracks, ski tracks and snowshoe tracks. That part was hard work for the ankles at times but otherwise good running.

The time includes some trail clearing. Lots of branches are down in certain sections of forest after the gusty winds that knocked our power out this week. A friend's sister was killed by a tree while hiking recently - a heartbreaking reminder to avoid forested areas on windy days.

Friday Jan 13 #

5 PM

Running (Treadmill) 1:25:05 [3] 15.3 km (5:34 / km)

My cold is almost over but I really want to shake it before the Snowshoe Raid so I stayed inside and kept my heart rate moderate. Luckily, it's easier to resist the outdoors after all the rain that fell on our beautiful snow. :(

Inspired by Funderstorm and FB, I borrowed an iPad and cable from 'Bent and discovered that the iPad will sit on the treadmill dashboard and play sound through the treadmill's built-in iPod speakers. It's awkward to change the film so this works best with a longer one. It took me awhile to figure that out, and I finally got absorbed in "Toughest Race on Earth" with Olympic rower James Cracknell doing the Marathon des Sables.

It obviously worked since it took months before I could force myself to stay on a treadmill longer than 30 minutes and I'd never lasted longer than 60 minutes before today. I don't plan to replace my outdoor fun but this might be a good way to boost my training a little.

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