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Training Log: silkychrome

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+ft
  Bike3 3:00:00 43.44(14.5/h) 69.91(23.3/h)
  Run2 1:31:22 9.27(9:51) 14.92(6:07) 337
  Total5 4:31:22 52.71(5:09) 84.83(3:12) 337

Saturday Feb 16 #


Cannonball #2 67mi Columbia IL

Friday Feb 15 #

7 PM

Bike (TrainerRoad) 1:30:00 [3] 22.98 mi (15.3 mph)
ahr:148 max:163 shoes: LeMond Tourmalet

phoenix. this has turned into a Friday night benchmark ride and HR:NP ratio is improving!

we watched the ARWC 2019 video and the race course looked amaz0rs.

Thursday Feb 14 #


finished listening to Freakonomics Episode 364 about the hidden side of sports. really interesting to hear how UFC built from a small no-name non-sport to a relatively large business. it reminded me of what AR is trying to do. one of the things UFC did/does is built their own TV production crew, and it sells the produced show to ESPN and other outlets, while also selling Pay-Per-View content. that seems the be the largest revenue-generator for the organization. this is different than NFL/etc. who sell the rights to their games to major networks and the major networks foot the bill for filming/broadcasting.

so thinking of how that would apply to AR, it's like ARWS or USARA or whomever would have to hire TV producers (which ARWS sort of did at WC in Reunion) and then sell that produced content to TV (or streaming, more likely). it's exactly the same model that Expedition Alaska took with the UoC Master Class - we paid $3 (with coupon) to watch that show (and it was well worth it!!).

how much does UFC charge for their Pay Per View?? $65 per show!!

also interesting was the UFC fighers are employed/paid by UFC. so it would be like ARWS or USARA or whomever pays teams to participate in the races. outside team sponsorship is presumably allowed and encouraged to supplement these "salaries".
6 PM

Run 45:37 [3] 4.65 mi (9:49 / mi) +168ft 9:29 / mi
ahr:147 max:165 shoes: Brooks Glycerin W9.5-D

'nother night road run w Erl n T, this one at 50F so we couldn't not get outside!

Wednesday Feb 13 #

6 PM

Run 45:45 [3] 4.62 mi (9:54 / mi) +169ft 9:34 / mi
ahr:145 max:167 shoes: Brooks Glycerin W9.5-D

back to running!! some niggles still from Beulah but warmer temps and decreasing sickness made a run a great idea.

Tuesday Feb 12 #

6 PM

Bike (TrainerRoad) 45:00 [3] 10.4 mi (13.9 mph)
ahr:138 max:155 shoes: LeMond Tourmalet

same w/o as Sunday, feeling a bit better but HR still too high for this low intensity. West Vidette.

Monday Feb 11 #


went home from work early.

Sunday Feb 10 #


sore throat/stuffed up.
4 PM

Bike (TrainerRoad) 45:00 [3] 10.06 mi (13.4 mph)
ahr:134 max:159 shoes: LeMond Tourmalet

sick but needed to spin out. West Vidette.

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  • Feb 17 [0w, 1d]: Bootlegger 10k
  • Feb 23 [1w, 0d]: Taum Sauk 50k fatass
  • Feb 24 [1w, 1d]: Meramec o-meet (2.5hr score-o)
  • Mar 10 [3w, 1d]: Y!! - GodZone Pure 2019
  • May 4 [11w, 0d]: Tour of Hermann day 1
  • May 5 [11w, 1d]: Tour of Hermann Day 2
  • Sep 21 [31w, 0d]: Y - Barkley Fall Classic 50K
  • Oct 25 [35w, 6d]: Women's Trail Summit
  • Oct 26 [36w, 0d]: Women's Trail Summit
  • Oct 27 [36w, 1d]: Women's Trail Summit
  • Aug 1, 2020 [76w, 0d]: ? - 17th World Rogaining Championships

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