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Training Log: GD44

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Road bike2 2:15:43 27.12(12.0/h) 43.65(19.3/h) 535
  Cycling - turbo 2 2:10:00
  Running2 2:09:05 12.92(6.0/h) 20.8(9.7/h) 555
  Conditioning1 30:00
  Total7 7:04:48 40.04 64.44 1090
  [1-5]7 6:30:32

Friday Jan 18 #

(rest day)

No time for activity today as work was nuts and need to organise for tomorrow's CyA race.

Thursday Jan 17 #

4 PM

Cycling - turbo 1:05:00 intensity: (2 @0) + (24:15 @1) + (2:57 @2) + (12:21 @3) + (24:23 @4) + (1:02 @5)
ahr:123 max:149

Donner is 3x12-minute Threshold repeats which undulate between 95-99% FTP and 6-minute recoveries separate the intervals.

Donner's primary aim is to increase higher-muscular endurance, also referred to as strength endurance.

Over time, the ability to work harder without accumulating high levels of blood-lactate and muscle fatigue will improve.

These intended adaptations yield less muscle burn, higher sustainable power and an improved ability to tolerate and process excess lactate.

Try to keep your cadence in the 85-95rpm range unless you have specific cadence goals in mind.

1Active Recovery00:24:1500:24:1538.7%1133
 Sweet Spot00:11:28 18.3%213230
5VO2 Max00:01:0100:01:021.6%257293
 Anaerobic00:00:01 0.0%2933000

Wednesday Jan 16 #

7 PM

Running (Street O) 1:04:09 intensity: (50:53 @1) + (10:37 @2) + (2:39 @3) 11.35 km (10.6 kph) +147m
ahr:134 max:159

SWOC Street O - Rogerstone (Tiny Rebel Brewery)

Started well but fuc**d it all up with about 20 mins to go when I decided to go further away from the finish instead of heading back. Got greedy and a little navigationally challenged.

To make it even worse it hammered it down with rain in the last 20 minutes at a temp of 5 deg C!

Came back 5 minutes late too so lost ~50 points. Probably finished low down the leaderboard and not snapping at Richard Cronin's heels where I should be. As it happens I had a very similar route choice to Richard in the first 40 minutes but I know he had bagged one 10 pointer more than I at the start.

PosnNameClubClassPointsTime PenaltyTotal
1Richard CroninNGOCM214400440
2James ClemenceSWOCM554200420
2Nick DallimoreSWOCM604200420
4Gary DaviesSWOCM4045050400
5Alice LovettMVW353900390
6Alice BedwellBOKW553500350
7Jeremy ParrSWOCM503200320
8Eira JepsonSWOCW212800280
8Corrine LockINDW212800280
8James GrantINDM212800280
8David UnderhillSWOCM212800280
12Rich BakerINDM451400140

Tuesday Jan 15 #


12st 4.1lb

12 PM

Conditioning 30:00 [1]

Lower body stretches inc:
- Hamstrings 3 x 30s holds each leg
- Groin 3 x 30s hold
- Leg over knee & pull whilst on back 3 x 30s holds each side
- Hip flexor stretch 3 x 30s
- Pigeon 3 x 30s each side
- Front plank 2 x 60s
- Side plank 2 x 45s each side
- Single leg bridges
- Clams with band around knee
- Reverse clams with band around feet
- Sideways spider walk with band around feet
Upper body
- Pull ups 1 x 5
- Press ups 20, 10
6 PM

Running 1:04:56 intensity: (43:37 @1) + (17:38 @2) + (3:41 @3) 9.45 km (8.7 kph) +408m
ahr:134 max:157

MDC Tuesday Night Run from HQ

Craig yr Allt route recce in advance of Saturday's race.

Big crowd tonight and loads stayed for grub at Marcus's house.

Monday Jan 14 #

6 PM

Cycling - turbo 1:05:00 intensity: (38:42 @1) + (4:05 @2) + (51 @3) + (3:13 @4) + (18:09 @5)
ahr:120 max:160

Huffaker is 6x3-minute VO2max intervals done in 2 sets of 3 intervals where they quickly ramp up to a very high but sustainable and repeatable intensity between 110-120% FTP.

Recoveries between the intervals are 3 minutes long and the active break between sets lasts 8 minutes.

Huffaker's goals are to increase your power during short, intense efforts and to expand your aerobic capacity, i.e. the ability to utilize more oxygen more effectively.

These efforts also do a good job of stressing your intermediate muscle fibers that process both fat and sugar and therefore utilize oxygen much like your slow-twitch, endurance fibers.

When training time is very limited, deriving a high training benefit in minimal time is crucial - this is how you do it.

Use the opening intervals to determine your highest, repeatable power and then adjust the Workout Intensity on subsequent intervals appropriately.

These are not efforts to failure (not quite) but rather very demanding but repeatable efforts at high percentages of your power at VO2max.

Cadence should fall no lower than 100rpm throughout each interval but some riders may need to ride as low as 90rpm to maintain a higher level of control.

1Active Recovery00:38:4200:38:4261.8%1133
 Sweet Spot00:00:27 0.7%213230
5VO2 Max00:16:1000:18:0925.8%257293
 Anaerobic00:01:59 3.2%2933000

Sunday Jan 13 #

12 PM

Road bike (Tandem) 1:11:22 intensity: (19:11 @0) + (2:22 @1) + (6:58 @2) + (14:07 @3) + (10:53 @4) + (17:51 @5) 21.71 km (18.3 kph) +261m
ahr:121 max:148

Tandem ride with Dawn from Whitchurch to Cowbridge

I decided to try the Ultegra LHS Stages Powermeter on the Tandem front (mine) XT crankset. First problem is that the Ultegra stages LHS crank is 172.5mm and the XT crank is 175mm. I decided to ignore this.

I've always known that powermeter readings are higher on the road than on the turbo so the time recorded in each of the zones below (from TrainerRoad) are likely to be inflated.

Also worth noting that I generally use the PowerTap for turbo sessions which will have different power to a Stages because it is in the rear hub. This is due to power losses in the drivetrain from crank>chain>rear hub.

[Interesting read:]

1Active Recovery00:02:2200:02:223.8%1133
 Sweet Spot00:05:58 9.5%213230
5VO2 Max00:10:0000:17:5116.0%257293
 Anaerobic00:07:51 12.5%2933000

It was our first tandem ride since April 2018 (Dawn told me) when we rode with Haydn and Jan.

Dawn was nervous with plenty of calls to slow down! [She told me to write that she did well.]

3 PM

Road bike 1:04:21 intensity: (15:03 @0) + (3:08 @1) + (7:13 @2) + (16:17 @3) + (10:01 @4) + (12:39 @5) 21.94 km (20.5 kph) +274m
ahr:120 max:151

Tandem ride from Cowbridge to Whitchurch (after an hour with Pam)

Discovered that I will need spacers on the crank spindle in future as it was moving back and for. The Ultegra LHS Stages crank seems to use 2-3mm less of the spindle length than the XT crank.

The return leg felt easier; probably due to not having to cycle into a headwind!

1Active Recovery00:03:0800:03:085.0%1133
 Sweet Spot00:07:03 11.3%213230
5VO2 Max00:06:2200:12:3910.2%257293
 Anaerobic00:06:17 10.0%2933000

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