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Training Log: Carbon's Offset

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking3 5:59:00 84.59(4:15) 136.13(2:38)
  Resort skiing1 2:00:00
  Strength1 1:00:00
  Running1 1:00:00 5.03(11:55) 8.1(7:24)
  Total6 9:59:00 89.62 144.23
averages - weight:66.9kg

Sunday Mar 18 #


3 PM

Biking (Rollers) 1:37:00 [3] 43.55 km (2:14 / km)

Class Homework from coach off TrainingPeaks
Avg cad 96 rpm
1:06 <170W
:31:30 170W-210W
Avg watts 138W

Saturday Mar 17 #

9 AM

Resort skiing (Alpine touring) 2:00:00 [2]

Not sure what time to log for this. Probably skied for a total of 5 hours?

Sunshine Village with Peter and we both hit Delirium Dive for our first time. I've been wanting the check out The Dive for quite a while. It is a double black diamond freeride skiing area with special access conditions. You must ski with a beacon, shovel, probe and partner. Thanks probably to the limited access, the snow doesn't get as skied up. Sunshine had a big dump on Thursday but most of the hill was a little skied off down to hardpack in the turns, with some chopped snow on top of moguls which was a bit hard from probably warming a little and then refreezing. Not super great conditions for a spoiled backcountry powder skier. However, in The Dive the snow was softer, more like soft moguls up top where the terrain concentrated skiers to a smaller area, then chopped powder lower down where it widens out, eventually giving way to chances for a few fresh tracks. A pretty cool experience "in bounds". Even though the Dive was steeper than the rest of the hill, today I found it easier to ski thanks to the softer snow. We did two laps even though it is a bit of a journey requiring three lifts to get back around and up again. It was worth it. I could have gone for one more later in the day but Peter was getting a bit tired. That said, he did ski stronger and better than me.
After our Dive laps, we met up with some friends from Canmore. As a fluke coincidence, one of their friends is my and Flight's strength coach (Ash) from the Repsol Centre. What a surprise! We enjoyed catching up on the lifts and skiing together. We exchanged stories about how impressed we are by Flight :)

Friday Mar 16 #


6 PM

Biking (Spin) 2:14:00 [3] 44.15 km (3:02 / km)

Did one of the homework training session from our spin class coach, via TrainingPeaks. Yep, this is my exciting Friday nIght, I'm so cool.

The prescribed warm up was only 20 minutes and I didn't feel ready to raise the intensity yet. I kept trying but still felt tired from previous workouts a couple of days ago (should have done a recovery workout the day after those harder workouts). After an hour, I figured this would just be a recovery ride, but then I decided to try one of the intervals. It felt gross but I more or less got it done, so I decided to do the rest.

About 1 hour of E2
Then 6 x 3 min high MAP, 3 min easy
The last few easy intervals were longer than 3 min
15 min high E2 / low E3
5-10 min easy.

Watched the Netflix documentary "Icarus" (about doping); interesting.

1:55 <170W
:03 170-210W
:16:30 >210W
E 913
avg cad 89rpm

Wednesday Mar 14 #

7 PM

Strength 1:00:00 [3]

Warm up

Started at 40kg. Coach had me do sets of 2 reps, increasing by 5 kg each set until my form would fail. This resulted in lots of sets. Once I got to 85 kg, he started watching each of my lifts. The two lifts at 100 kg still had good form but he cut me off there; he made analogies to having a new runner go out and try to do 100 km in their first week ( equals injury risk ). 100 kg felt pretty heavy.

5 x 3 split squats (up to 27.5 lbs per side (100 lbs total))
Alternating with 5 x 3 single leg box jumps. Did first two on 12 inch box, did last three sets on 18 inch box. Both started from the lower platform.

3 x 12 face pulls

2 x 4 toes to bar. Didn't do as well on these as previous weeks; I think my arms, lats and core were tired from all of the deadlifts.

Tuesday Mar 13 #

Running (elliptical) 1:00:00 [2] 8.1 km (7:24 / km)
shoes: Hoka Stinson Evo

Tried out what FB would call an "orbital thingy", to see if it would be less impact than running on the treadmill. Stretched after.
6 PM

Biking (spin class) 2:08:00 [3] 48.43 km (2:39 / km)

Self-directed warm up. Included a few high cadence spin ups and a few big gear accelerations. Legs felt a little tired from the run today and yesterday (and maybe the ski trip) but this passed and the class went well. Held all the zones well, despite it being a tough class.

5 x (2 min Sweet Spot E3/E4, 1 min E2)
5 x (2 min FTP, 2 min E2)
5 x (2 min MAP, 1 min easy)
10 min rest
2 x (4 min Sweet Spot E3/E4, 2 min FTP, 2 min MAP, 4 min easy)

10 min E2 small ring, taking turns doing 15 rotations of spin up

10 min E2 big ring / low rpm, taking turns doing 10 rotations standing

cool down

1:22 <170W
:24 170-210W
:22:30 >210W

avg cad 95 rpm

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