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Training Log: Carbons Offset

In the last 7 days:

activity # timemileskm+m
  Biking1 58:00
  Adventure Racing1 35:00
  Total2 1:33:00
averages - weight:65.3kg

Tuesday Apr 13 #

Biking (Spin) 30:00 [1]

A few wall slides for flexion warm up
No trouble with getting around full rotations
Avg 78w


Exercises 1

Biking (Spin) 28:00 [1]

116 watts average. Getting up near 150 at the end. Big ring. More boom :)
Can feel that the knee is okay with me putting load on it (this much load at least) and can feel that the cardio fitness is already getting worked a little. Ha! Oh well, the cardio has plenty of time to gradually retrain while the body will only be able to push so hard anyway, so no rush, no stress.
Also, tried driving today, with the clutch. No issues. Sooooo..... I can ride a bike at enough watts that I can probably ride outside, and I can drive to wherever with the bike loaded up :)

Still have that clicking issue to deal with but I think I can enjoy working on some strength and fitness in parallel (I don’t have any clicking or catching when I pedal)

Had a scary twist, pop (very much like when I injured it) and some pain yesterday but the doctor’s email assessment of it was that he doesn’t think it is worrisome.


Exercises 2.

Monday Apr 12 #


Slept without any cryocuff last night. Had a pretty good sleep, able to reposition fairly comfortably.

Physio visit: she is holding off because I had meniscal repair, so not pushing through any of the clicking when walking. Instead she would prefer I don't do any excessive walking and don't try to work through anything like trying to work through scarring.
Otherwise, things are progressing well. Flexion was measured at 115 degrees without even pushing it too much. She wouldn't want to go past 120 anyway, given the meniscal repair. Extension also seems good.
A little bit of swelling still.
Okay to add resistance on the bike if I want.

Spin 1. 25 min. Avg 60 watts.

Exercise 1.

Sunday Apr 11 #


A good night, able to change positions without issue but not able to stay there comfortably for too long. Better than before. A few little clicks and pops around the knee as I change position. Nothing too big but the pop when I tore the ACL wasn’t big either so that makes you just a little nervous.

Spin 1. 20 min. 60 watts average, 5th gear. Still felt okay at the end.

Exercise 1. No adduction.

Exercise 2: leg raises with stim, squats with stim, calf raises.

Adventure Racing (Upper and core) 35:00 [2]

Dumbbell curls
Inverse push ups with feet on second stair
40s (deltoids) with 15 lbs
Tricep extension on pulleys
Seated row on pulleys
Myotatic crunch with 7.5 lbs
Front plank x 2
Cat vomit

Saturday Apr 10 #


Spin 1. 18 min. Avg 31W.
Felt looser from the beginning, felt a bit easier than usual, kept going a few minutes longer. In easiest gear. Foot positioned normally on pedal, without running shoe (she adds too much stack height). Maybe try adding the gear again.

Exercises 1. Flexion wall slides are feeling easy; tempted to start pushing these a little again. Two legged calf raises felt strong; did sets of 15 reps easily without holding onto anything.
Added the two new sets of exercises from yesterday with Ben.

Spin 2. Tried adding a gear and it still felt just as easy. Added more and more and it felt the same. Up to 6th and decided not to load it on too much. Quite happy with this, it feels like the tightness in the knee isn’t holding me back now and I will soon be able to get a real workout out of this, and prepare for real riding outside in 2 more weeks. Avg 70 watts. 17 min.

Exercise 2

Friday Apr 9 #


Spin 15. Felt tight. Kept it even slower and easier than usual. Loosened up a bit after about 5 minutes or so but still happy to stop at 15 minutes.
Session 1 exercises seemed fine. Flexion seems good even though we’ve decided not to push for more progress.

Physio with Ben
I had been having some catching, sometimes bad, when I would try to walk normally. While some things like range of motion were progressing well, the catching felt like we should stop. That said, over the last couple of days it eased a little from a catching to a less alarming clicking. Ben dug some fingers into me to release some muscles, in hopes it would help things track better. Today it didn’t click so much but had some discomfort, as if bare bones were rubbing against each other at the medial side of the kneecap and the joint line. Managing an even more normal gait. I think we are okay to keep moving forward rather than having to stop everything.
Got two new exercises to work on glutes and abs:

Lay on back with knees up at 90 degrees. Wrap Theraband around spread shins and up around thighs, then hold out to sides. 3 alternating sets of 10 reps with knees wider than ankles or ankles wider than knees, flexing obliques while I extend arms out to sides. At the end of each set, hold arms out and use glutes to extend lower leg (knee and shin) apart, repeating until it burns.

Lay on side with 8-10 lb weight held straight up. Knees bent 90 and legs stacked. Push off lower leg to lead with upper leg, using glutes and then abs to rotate body to centre and then back. 10 on each side, 3 full sets of both sides.

Try to walk normally after these. Gait was getting pretty good but still had discomfort on medial side of joint line.

Thursday Apr 8 #


Spin 1. 15 min. Getting around easily with some pull on the front of the knee still. Kept it to 15 min. Feels like I could add a gear soon.
Session 1 exercises.

Spin 2. 15 min. Added a gear. Watts didn’t change. Rotations are pretty easy but slight pulling below knee cap and also a little behind knee.
Session 2 exercises.

Wednesday Apr 7 #


Spin 15 min
Session 1

Spin 15 min. 27 watts average. Boom! Rotations felt easier and less restricted but still feeling some pulling in the flesh around the lower incision, so not craving more than the 15 minutes yet. Longer spins will come when everything feels good. Still in granny gear.
Session 2
Squats feel fairly smooth and easy. No catching.

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