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Concussion (Head/Neck)

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Average recovery time: 30 days

Recorded Instances

Boltboi1 daysdetails
Tooms2 daysFelt normal Monday, 2 days later, but after most of the work day fell in heap again, really really tired, irritable, cbf etc. Bruising elsewhere going now.details
daedalus2 daysdetails
willgardner3 daysdetails
Mess Engineer3 daysDon't ride quad bikes fastdetails
camd3 daysdetails
tRicky4 daysdetails
gerardhiggins4 daysRest.details
SarahG4 daysNot feeling any lingering effects and can go about workouts just fine.details
Tschaekob4 daysdetails
Emil_K4 daysdetails
LiveWideLoveDeep5 daysdetails
philm645 daysRecovered after a few days off. Lucky medetails
cathi6 daysday 1 back! took it easy... no intensity. will try a little bit more tomorrow. headaches are very slight now - just a short occasional one. minimize head movement in exercise to avoid dizziness. sit ups were so so; otherwise fine.details
JennyG6 daysdetails
Emil_K6 daysdetails
Riki7 daysdetails
trwycc7 daysdetails
C-tec7 daysGood concussion. Exacerbated 4 days later by vigorous exercise-nothing more than normal though. Unable to drive/travel and any running/jigging action made things worse too. All I could do was rest, which is hard work!details
Hanzie7 daysHad a post-mortem and they said I was free to return to the land of the living... ?details
tRicky7 daysKO, over the bars. Helmet = good. Other injuries sustained at the time took longer.details
Emil_K8 daysdetails
mlee29 daystook 9 days off and spent a lot of time resting my brain. details
Emil_K9 daysdetails
-10 daysdetails
Cornster10 daysRest and spending time away from screens and reading was the Rx. Falling on bike was due to operator error; probably hitting gear shift (while not pedalling) instead of brake. Panicking while speeding out of control had me see the only way to stop was by going off into the brush and woods!details
dersu11 daysate lots of fishdetails
AddisonB12 daysI took 2 weeks off then tried to run today and felt fairly well. A small headache now but nothing severe. details
hkleaf13 daysRest, ice, drugs (pain killers and anti-inflammatory)details
Ellen198913 daysdetails
Flight16 daysMore time before resuming workouts details
kensr18 daysYeah, this happens when you bounce along on your bike helmet.details
Joe21 days2 weeks to go awaydetails
Roadrunner22 daysdetails
tRicky25 daysdetails
Tane25 daysdetails
Tane26 daysdetails
Vaala27 daysRest. Gentle Chiropractor. Will need ongoing Chiropractor treatment for a few weeks yet.details
Vaala29 daysdetails
arg32 daysBuh. Still tired. details
Solo36 daysFomlet med ei lomme mens jeg var i fart (sakte fart), men i etterpåklokskap: jeg skulle stoppet! Har ellers vært sovet/hvilt mye, og tatt livet veldig med ro. Fikk bl.a. leseforbud i starten. Det var godt å komme i gang igjen å trene i høst!details
Tane77 daysdetails
NiNjaPree88 daysAlways wear helmet, it saved my life! Always brake when going down a hill, although the speed is awesome, braking is safer and cheaper! Century Cycles is awesome for fixing my bike for free!details
Tane100 daysdetails
TommyH224 daysdetails
Vaala262 daysdetails
Vaala288 daysdetails
cbruski391+ daysBest activities for relief of symptoms and recovery: Sleep, yoga, colouring (it’s true!), jigsaw puzzle making for small time intervals. Tylenol. Blessed Tylenol. Be patient: take LOTS of time to g r a d u a l l y incorporate mild exercise. Don’t mistake one day of feeling good as a sign to amp up exercise. No, no, no!details
MaximO946+ daysdetails
White Kenyan1163+ daysdetails
Csaba3935+ daysdetails
rjj4118+ daysdetails
Henny5472+ daysdetails