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Fracture (Knee)

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Average recovery time: 253 days

Recorded Instances

h.ban3 daysdetails
jimmy noe26 daysi need to strengthen my quads and my glutes and my hammiesdetails
kysulis54 dayspoilsisdetails
Sheap90 daysKnee exercises to strengthen muscles around the injury really helped but not running for a week or two seemed to cure it. details
cortelmcm364 daysLast day of physical therapy and now I need to continue a strength program. I should be ready to go from now on. details
schnitzer212+ daysdetails
tRicky662+ daysdetails
twhite23835+ daysdetails
eves1525+ daysdetails
Juuso2185+ daysdetails
Leon Keely3566+ daysdetails