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Hyperextension (Knee)

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Average recovery time: 78 days

Recorded Instances

Ellie:)1 daysdetails
Bruce2 daysdetails
lestarlight2 daysdetails
TheInvisibleLog2 daysRest. No running or riding. Lots of walking though.details
hoboGO3 daysI just rested and cycled some yesterday. Today it was fine for the short test run.details
ToddO3 daysUnavoidable accident. Not a severe injury though. Compression bandage and compression tights made things settle down quickly.details
Tommy H3 daysIce details
bishop224 daysNot running on it seemed to calm it down.details
Sid4 daysIncrease flexibility in both knees flexion. Would be nice to be able to sit with back of legs on ankles.details
PhilW4 daysRICEdetails
Spikarn014 daysAntar att jag streckte det på friidrotten när vi körde sparkövningar. Vilade två dagar och nu är det borta.details
ken5 daysrest and icedetails
h15 daysdetails
David_Waller5 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion5 daysdetails
RichardLund5 daysRachelle the physio did a great job and feels 100% after 2 sessions. Straightened knee instead of hobbling with it bent.details
DrKeith5 daysdetails
johannes roto5 daysdetails
DrKeith6 daysU/sound and icedetails
VladFG7 daysdetails
PhilW8 daysTook 3 days consecutive rest. Ran on more or less even surfaces for my long run.details
mwieneke9 daysdetails
Embo9 daysdetails
juliadahl9 daysdetails
havarti9 daysdetails
iansmith11 daysRest.details
DrKeith12 daysdetails
zsibthorp12 daysIce, rest, and chill out - pretty simpledetails
Ecmo13 daysdetails
forbesbc13 daysrestdetails
kkruger13 daysdetails
Knutern9713 daysdetails
Henerzz13 daysdetails
Bruce14 daysRest day and taping Ran the Ocenia Middle, Relay and Cradle Mountain with the taping. Confidence and stability improved over the next couple of weeks.details
OL_Tony15 daysRust is de enige herstel mogelijkheid. Ook wandelen vermijden is verstandig.details
Jonas Detterfelt16 daysUndvik att belasta helt uträtat knä vid nerförslöpning.details
kido18 daysdetails
brokenanklekit18 daysdetails
guerfondler21 daysKnee not quite right yet, but good enough for long runs, so I'll call it recovered.details
Leo Alvolin26 daysdetails
orienteeringTim31 daysdetails
Hugginator31 daysdetails
dlking36 daysNeeded five weeks of rest from running. Cycling was therapeutic and may have helped healing process.details
CleverSky38 daysWent easy on it, did a bunch of icing, it got better gradually.details
Uncle JiM39 daysdetails
Ryan the Lion40 daysdetails
leper40 dayshint to future self: don't fracture femur details
walker41 daysdetails
ba-ba43 daysleg and glute work, get that roller out!details
atsip43 daysdetails
Dunja47 daysIk voel hem nog steeds, maar geen pijn en geen invloed op mijn training/wedstrijd lopen :)details
Marsela62 daysdetails
Friday68 daysknäet åt fel håll igen.details
briangardner70 daysRest - no running for 2 weeks. details
Hirppa81 daysdetails
RASPUTIN152 daysrunning totally groomed trail, freak injury as I ran off the side of a levee. Knee just 'opened' laterally, and the cartilage tore right off the patella. Just the law of averages catching up with me.details
ken181 daysnot really sure. possible fixes include foam roller, break from terrain running, time, less days off?details
rozsdi197 daysdetails
basarav210 daysdetails
RASPUTIN343 daysSurgerydetails
rozsdi397 daysdetails
jeram.osebno447 daysVečjih težav nimam več :)details
mmorse479 daysdetails
JSvanberg1108 daysdetails
Yak1799+ daysdetails
casser2484+ daysdetails
Hedis2665+ daysdetails
j-man2829+ daysdetails
aaron heaps3119+ daysdetails
Kar'sRunning4609+ daysdetails