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Sciatica (Hip/Pelvis)

pain which radiates (shoots) down the back of the leg

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Average recovery time: 128 days

Recorded Instances

marieke2 daysStretched a bunch and tried to walk as little as possible.details
SaraLipa8 daysdetails
angelica9 daysRelative rest seemed to help.details
bill_l9 daysInjection, naproxin, topicaldetails
Miikka13 daysdetails
Miikka15 daysdetails
K'lea16 daysDiagnosis: Bike seat up too high causing hyperextendion at neck and lower back. Winged and rotated scapular pressing on nerve causing numb fingers. Lower spine compensating causing mild lordosis and scoliosis causing muscle spasm in qualratus lumbourn, piriformus and a deep flexor along the spine. Reflection: Don't try to do so much all at once.details
nosnhoj17 daysThursday had massage and acupuncture which seemed to have helped. (March 1) After the Wednesday, it seemed to decline but was still about a grade 2 until the last week where it was a grade one. Also had a cold and the flu for the same time...related? Who knows. Or did I do something snowboarding and it just needed time to fix itself XC skied today pain free. Lets see what happens when I run.details
samppa20 daysdetails
Goat30 daysMAssage, 2 visits to Chiropracter, and oddly enough - pain went away after backpacking trip in Smoky's, LOL!details
RobP34 daysdetails
JonD34 daysnot completely gone yet; but - stretching - Aleve - not stopping runningdetails
RobP41 daysVery painful for first two weeks, unable to walk. Weeks two to five slight pain when walking. Five onwards occassional pain.details
Nopsukka44 daysMä merkitsen tän nyt päättyneeksi. Jotain pienen pientä oiretta voi olla, mutta se ei enää häiritse elämää. Se voisi olla vaikka ns rupi. Kävin osteopaatilla, jumppasin, lepäsin ja vältin kipua tuottavia asioita. Luulen, että suurin tekijä oli aika. details
anniemac50 daysSmaller workouts (less mileage) more often seem to be helping. Less is more. Still taking 2 Naproxen / day. Feels okay for now.details
JonD58 days12.11. Going to stop tracking this bc I am back training but there is still some residual level 1 discomfort - history: able to run a marathon (w/ two extra strength Tylenol) during first 2 weeks/initial phase of sciatic problems, but not without some difficulty during (grade 1 to 2); and 1 week after that I had more severe problems (grade 3) that alternately inhibited pain-free walking and stopped running completely for a total of about 5 - 7 days; this was intermittent as I would occasion...details
RobP64 daysRest, rest, rest. Even though cycling and swimming don't hurt it, they don't help it get better.details
anniemac99 daysafter 2 epidural steroid injections, and many weeks of PT, i am without pain - but i am not allowed to do any heavy lifting. if the pain returns i have 2 more injections allotted.details
Danolou108 daysonly minor running over th last few monthsdetails
andyd132 daysBest things for it were lots of stretching of hips, walking and swimming.details
cktrahan138 daysTime, vigorous rehab at Koala, lots of stretching, weights, and continued maintenance. Still feel the occasional twinge back there.details
furlong47155 daysdetails
OJ170 daysSort of petered out over the months...not completely disappeared but it's not noticeable when I run anymore.details
LittleBit209 daysdetails
furlong47281 daysdetails
Tim S313 daysdetails
JamesBradshaw318 daysReally important to keep up regular strecthing in my particular case where my piriformis muscle was the culprit compressing my sciatic nerve. Consistant stretching helps lengthen the muscle and release the tension on the nerve and allow normal nerve function.details
Harps626 daysFirst time doing yoga in 8 months; no back pain. About 95% healthy good enough to deem it healed.details
Lori1105 daysdetails
graeme17+ daysdetails
jane534+ daysdetails
Bomb817+ daysdetails
benmitchell1442+ daysdetails
RD Tom1922+ daysdetails
LeaHolme2317+ daysdetails
vineer2587+ daysdetails
Mickos2668+ daysdetails
cjc3fan2755+ daysdetails
Canadian3080+ daysdetails