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Western Mass 5-Day



Amherst, MA, US
May 26–27, 2012

Next entry deadline: May 14, 2012

Type: Orienteering - National

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Five days of orienteering professionally squeezed into two days. Events 1 and 2 (both A meets, middle distance) will be at the new Earl's Trails map on the Holyoke Range just south of Amherst Saturday morning and early afternoon. Event 3 will be a sprint at UMass in Amherst late afternoon Saturday. Event 4 will be a sprint at Cemetery Hill on the south side of Northampton. And event 5 will be a mass-start farsta at Mt. Tom.

Training possibilities also on Monday (Memorial Day).

Western Mass 5-Day
May 26-27, 2012
Amherst, MA

To benefit the USA Ski-Orienteering Team
The Ski-O Team had two top-10 places at the last World Championships (Sweden in 2011). Help them as they strive to do even better at the 2013 World Champs in Kazakhstan.

Come join us for 5 orienteering events all squeezed into two days.

Most places need 5 days to hold a 5-day event, though the Swedes seem to need 6 days for their famous O’Ringen and the Turks manage to hold the Istanbul 5-Day in just 4 days. There have been a couple of times it’s been done in one day (the Rt. 128 O’Ringen and the UNO O’Ringen come to mind), but that seems a little rushed. Two days seems just right.

The A meets: Starts for the first one will be from 10:00 am to 11:00 am. Starts for the second one will be from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm. Parking is at the Notch Visitors Center where Rt. 116 crosses the Holyoke Range between Amherst and South Hadley. Check-in is at the Notch Visitor's Center. Distance parking to finish at most 500 meters. Distance finish to starts is about 50 meters. Map is 1:10,000, 5 meter contours, fieldwork November 2011. Courses will be Middle distance – approximate lengths: Blue 4 km, Red 3 km, Green 2.5 km, Brown 2 km, Orange 2.5 km, Yellow and White 2 km. Terrain is hilly, lots of trails, very few rocks, runnability varies from fair to excellent.

The other three events: Limited courses, no assigned start times but narrow start windows, planned for experienced orienteers. E-punching for all events. See the NEOC web site for more details.

Other information: No WREs, no shirts, no awards, no banquet, no fancy bulletins.. But lots of good orienteering and fun. Come for just the A meets and have the rest of the weekend free, or come for all 5 events, and still have Memorial Day free.

Registration will be on-line only, pre-registration required. Deadline is Monday, May 14. Registration after that date is possible only if start slots are available.

Fees -- we are trying to keep them low. Save by entering early, by April 20.

Organizers: Course setters/vetters: Ali Crocker, Alex Jospe, Phil Bricker, Peter Gagarin. Meet administration: New England Orienteering Club
More information: Peter Gagarin (

Information on lodging and camping to follow. Suggested dinner spot for Saturday evening is Bub's BBQ between Amherst and Sunderland.

Welcome to Western Mass!

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87.9 ? JLaughlin
85.1 BorisGr course consulting from afar
84.8 RockHEART (log) I'm not Tero, but Will miss this meet!;D
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78.9 ✓ Joe (log)
77.7 ✓ AliC (log) racing Days 3 + 5, course planner for Day 4
75.8 ? jtorranc
75.6 ✓ iansmith (log)
71.9 ✓ speedy (log) Everything settled down.
71.9 Tundra/Desert Out of time I can devote to O-related stuff
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69.0 ✓ tdgood (log) already here
68.3 ✓ DarthBalter (log) M-21+. who needs table tennis, axe throw with Ross
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64.5 ? igor_ (log)
61.9 coach (log) Hope to be in SWE
60.7 ✓ jima (log)
60.1 ✓ PG (log) Of course
58.6 ✓ GlenT (log) An A-meet without airfare!
56.6 peggyd (log) sounds fun .. maybe camping nearby instead
54.9 ✓ arthurd (log)
53.0 ✓ PBricker (log) At least for the table tennis
52.8 ParkSchool Unfortunately With Family Commitments
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48.8 ? bishop22 (log)
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46.4 ✓ dness
46.3 ✓ swimlinzi04 (log)
43.1 ✓ Charlie (log) Seems highly likely
41.6 ✓ bl (log) table tennis & May joie de vivre compel
40.4 ✓ JanetT (log)
39.2 ✓ ginger (log)
38.4 ✓ walk (log)
37.8 ✓ nancy (log) Sunday only
37.5 ✓ Sandy (log)
34.1 ? smoke
33.0 ✓ vmeyer (log) Yellow or Orange
31.0 ✓ mosquito mosquito
29.8 ✓ VladFG (log)
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✓ krille240 Count me in. First NEOC event, up from NY.
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✓ z-man (log) Table tennis on PS3?
✓ CraigW
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✓ rambo (log) Hope to do 2 or 3 events
✓ j-man
✓ BillD
✓ chinghua (log) hope to meet vmeyer
✓ Rusty I can watch
✓ elavallee (log)
✓ jasondedrick
✓ Anna (log) only non-A events
✓ DangerZone PS3
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✓ Oslug looking for ride from W Hartford CT 907-903-4779
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CHARLIE-B (log) Too much going on
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