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OCIN 25th Anniversary / Flying Pig XIII / Relay Champs



Cincinnati, OH
Apr 3–5, 2009

Type: Orienteering - National

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added by: cedarcreek

{Updated Feb 1st, to add Sat Sprint, and update the Event Website}

Sanctioning Approved (Dec 8, 2008).
The Relay Bid was recently approved by the USOF Exec Committee.

The proposed schedule is as follows:

Friday 3 Apr: Middle Distance "A" at McFarlan Woods
Saturday 4 Apr: Sprint at Burnet Woods (US Team Fundraiser)
Saturday 4 Apr: US Relay Championships at Mt. Airy Forest (new updated map)
Sunday 5 Apr: Long "A" at Mt. Airy Forest (This is nominally a classic, IOF Long, new USOF Long, not Ultralong, not old USOF Long)

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4,166 days ago
Flying Pig 2009 Results 102  
4,229 days ago
Need a ride to CVG airport Sunday afternoon 2  
Flying Pig XIII - Entry is now open 16  
4,236 days ago
Senior Team Volunteers for the PIG Sprint fundraiser 1  
4,238 days ago
Pig Accommodation? 8  

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88.2 ✓ Wyatt (log)
80.7 ✓ speedy (log) M40+, weekend only.
77.0 ✓ jtorranc (log) OOC relay team? Nope, so I'm going pan-Canadian with a 4 point team.
72.8 ✓ ebone (log) I second what GregBalter and Nikolay said
72.6 ✓ Nikolay (log) Go COC relay
70.6 ✓ DarthBalter (log) Flying Pig forever!
69.8 ✓ TBorish (log)
66.2 ? Nadim (log)
62.2 cmpbllv (log) might send cadets, though
61.7 ✓ GlenT (log)
57.3 ✓ bishop22 (log) ROC on!
57.3 ✓ peggyd (log) Plane reservations made. Go OK!
57.1 ✓ dersu (log)
54.6 ✓ mikeminium (log)
52.7 ✓ LKohn
51.0 maprunner (log) One good side effect of my foot injury
47.0 ✓ Danolou (log)
46.3 ✓ j-man (log) Flight, hotel, and car done. Also registered.
44.3 ✓ Orunner running, working, something... I'll be there
44.2 ✓ JanetT (log)
44.0 ✓ Stryder (log)
42.4 Charlie (log) not going after all. plane tickets weren't that great, and too much going on this spring
40.4 ✓ furlong47 (log) I agree about maybe a sprint on Sat? For those who don't have a relay team?
38.4 ✓ Sandy (log)
37.6 ? mmace (log)
36.7 vmeyer (log) Another race obligation - the paying kind...
34.2 ✓ cedarcreek
✓ Tundra/Desert Is there a chance of a Sprint also on Saturday?
✓ hkleaf (log)
✓ Soupbone (log)
✓ ebuckley (log)
✓ alan (log)
✓ z-man (log) US Relay Champs, 'nuff said!
✓ Sid (log)
✓ cporter (log)
✓ RJM (log)
✓ L-Jackson (log)
✓ Sergey (log) Definitely M21+
✓ Ricka (log)
✓ drewi (log) I'm employed! so this is a go.
✓ c.underwood (log)
✓ Zacleipyr (log)
✓ Vector (log) Can't wait!
✓ MMaxwell (log)
✓ fredder (log) relays and Sunday
✓ VO2 Orienteering (log) Trip le team is going to US
✓ runit (log) "Trip le team is going to US" =D
✓ Mona (log) flights booked
✓ sreed2 (log) doing same as my dad
✓ homestarrunner I have 2 teammates; LOOKING for LAST PERSON who is 1+ points for 8 point team.
✓ mindsweeper (log) Saturday / Sunday only
✓ pi (log)
✓ andrea balakova (log)
✓ Hemlock
✓ Never2Old4School (log)
✓ bacalao
✓ daedalus
✓ igor_ (log) all set
? The Lost Pole
? Nick (log) relay, but probably NOT
? tonyfr
? Canadian (log) It's a little far and it's during exams - hopefully things will work out in my favour though:/
A.Child (log) Dad rejected the idea... Too far of a drive... :(
HGaston (log) I'd love to go, but it'd be too many meets close together
disorienteerer (log) Bummer.
dabond (log) Can't get Friday night off from work
JonD (log)
GuyO Prior commitment

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