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US Middle Distance and Relay Champs



Rochester, NY
Apr 19–20, 2008

Type: Orienteering - National

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Hosted by Rochester Orienteering Club (ROC)

Register before March 15th to avoid higher meet fees!

Link to Meet Info at ROC website

Link to on-line registration

Day 1: US Individual Orienteering Champs -Middle Distance
Sat. April 19th 10:00AM-11:30AM Starts

Sprint Series Sprint (Junior Team Fundraiser)
Sat. April 19th 1:30 PM Starts

Location: Letchworth State Park, Portageville, NY. Located approximately 1 hour and 10 minutes south of the Rochester International Airport. (The Buffalo Airport generally has better options/costs than Rochester and is located 1 hour and 30 minutes from the Day 1 site and about 1 hour and 10 minutes from the Day 2 site)

Letchworth State Park is renowned as the "Grand Canyon of the East," and is one of the most scenically magnificent areas in the eastern U.S. The Genesee River travels through a deep gorge and passes over three major waterfalls, one of which is 107 feet high. The event will be on the west side of the park in an area that is predominantly open woods with a combination of gently rolling topography and steeper areas where the map get close to the river.

There will be a dinner Saturday night in the Rochester area. The location is the Shanghai Restaurant, at 2920 W. Henrietta Road. It will be seven course served dinner at round tables that seat 10-12 people.

Day 2: US Orienteering Champs, Relay
US/Canada Challenge Cup
Sun. April 20th 10:00AM Mass Start

Location: Mendon Ponds County Park, Pittsford, NY (Located approximately 25 minutes southeast of the Rochester International Airport).

Mendon Ponds is a Monroe County Park with over 2,500 acres of open woods, fields, wetlands and ponds. The glacially formed terrain is marked by eskers, kames, and kettle holes - resulting in some areas with intricate contouring.

The relay will use the 4-person 4/8/12 point system that has been used in recent years. The championship event is open to anyone, however, you must be a USOF member and meet citizenship, residency and club membership requirements in order to win championship awards. See USOF rules sections A-5 and L for more details. Age/Point structure is as follows:

· Ages 17-20 or 35-49 receives 1 point
· Ages 15, 16 or 50-59 receives 2 points
· Under 15 years of age or 60 and older receives 3 points
· A female orienteer receives 2 points, in addition to any age points.

Each team must turn in a team entry form. Team members must be finalized and forms turned in by 4:00 pm Saturday.

The Challenge Cup will match US versus Canadian relay teams. The only requirement is that team members are either all COF or USOF members.

Stay tuned for more more updates as we get closer to the meet!


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85.7 ✓ JLaughlin (log)
80.1 ✓ feet (log) Relay course setter
79.9 ✓ bshields (log)
73.9 ? Wyatt (log) 2 family members sick as of Thur., and I'm ~injured
73.1 ✓ speedy (log) Spectating
73.0 ken (log) doh! too close to tiomila
72.7 ✓ Joe (log)
70.8 ✓ DarthBalter (log) Middle M21+ DVOA Relay
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69.4 ✓ Sergey
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60.5 ✓ Nick (log) middle + Stars relay team
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58.2 ✓ angelica
56.6 ✓ coach
56.3 ✓ cmpbllv (log)
53.9 ✓ GlenT (log)
53.5 ? Nadim (log) If I "run", I'll probably just walk the Brown course due to an injury.
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50.1 ✓ fossil
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49.5 ? Soupbone (log)
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46.3 ✓ dcady (log) Willing to work or work/run.
45.7 ✓ mikeminium (log)
43.1 Charlie (log) But probably not - parents weekend
41.1 pkturner
40.9 ✓ maprunner (log)
40.7 ✓ kensr (log)
40.5 Anna
40.2 ✓ nancy
40.1 ✓ bishop22 (log) Meet director
40.1 ✓ bl (log) middle distance & sprint
39.3 ✓ ccsteve (log)
37.2 ✓ turbodog (log)
35.3 ✓ JanetT (log)
30.3 ✓ Sandy (log)
30.3 cedarcreek conflicts...
30.0 ✓ vmeyer (log)
28.3 ✓ GuyO
24.5 ? Ørret
23.5 ✓ walk (log)
✓ L-Jackson (log) Registrar
✓ ebuckley (log) With Baby-O! (Though she won't be competing)
✓ gordhun
✓ z-man (log) hope to make the 4pt. team!
✓ nate
✓ sOviak
✓ cavadura (log)
✓ RJM (log)
✓ Acampbell (log) go DVOA!
✓ wilburdeb (log)
✓ Zacleipyr (log) Little Grand Canyon of the East
✓ Xena (log)
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✓ R Anderson (log)
✓ the kempster (log)
✓ fredder (log)
✓ smoke
✓ dersu (log)
✓ wilsmith (log) ?? Team Canada ?? (Katarina and I need 2 other runners...)
✓ MikeN (log)
✓ dlevine (log)
✓ Dan W
✓ TimGood (log) QOC teams full. Need a relay team, 1pt
✓ gas_turbine (log) First time. Goal is not to be embarrassed .... That was A LOT of fun
✓ Sswede (log)
? randallxski
? cporter (log)
? Bender
? EricP
? hkleaf (log) Doubtful, but perhaps Sunday only?
? bpyan
j-man (log) Can't make it this year
Gil I have more important commitment for the weekend
ParkSchool (log) Hmmm... Passover... May be a problem
Swisstoph (log)
boyle (log)

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