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Discussion: Tough Day, Tough Map

in: JonD; JonD > 2012-04-22

Apr 23, 2012 3:49 AM # 
As proof, you can see that everyone but Eddie had sizable errors. I went straight at #8 too and when I drifted north, I got lost in the subtlety too. I never noticed not seeing the power line and didn't see one utility pole or orange marker. Mappers can set their own standards to some extent as long as they are reasonably consistent within a map. Peggy thought the orange markers were the black X's.

Rootstocks can vary a lot. They are not a standard feature. Though most maps have them. On maps where there are a lot, usually only the largest are mapped if any. Many course setters will state the size in the control descriptions but it's extra work in local meets.

I overshot #10 but saw the border signs. I was able to trust my bearing enough not to wander too far from where I hit it; I just turned the wrong way when I got to it. To be safer I could have aimed off but I wasn't sure how well the border would be marked either. Pace counting would have helped today.

The contours themselves were less than one third the normal 5m interval on most of our maps. That meant our bearings had to be sharp and that can be difficult when ducking branches or going around random bits of small unmapped green.

You were out a long time on a cold wet day and that has to contribute to making more mistakes. At least you finished safely and within the time limit.
Apr 24, 2012 12:23 AM # 
hmm - so there is not a size limit to a mapable rootstock? too bad. I was hoping i could learn something about those and avoid that in the future. I was able to identify and use some other rootstocks later in the course - so maybe I got something out of it.

I later realized that the contours I am used to are 5m and these were 5ft - big difference. that was probably the biggest source of my fumbling on 8. Looking back I see there was a small place kind of near the control where the contours were close together and crossed by the power line. I should have been able to identify that spot. I think I did but failed to use it correctly.

no question - getting soaked and cold was a major downer.

too bad I missed you at the meet - I had hoped to touch base - but i was in poor shape after that mess.

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