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Discussion: Pushups and feet

in: Bash; Bash > 2018-10-03

Oct 4, 2018 1:28 PM # 
I find they are foot sensitive unless I elevate my shins
Oct 4, 2018 1:51 PM # 
Ah, I should have clarified that I can’t handle the high numbers of the push-up challenge unless I do them from my knees. Otherwise, they would be off the list too. :(
Oct 4, 2018 2:58 PM # 
I realized after I posted that you might use your knees. In that case, go for it.
Oct 4, 2018 4:49 PM # 
It's been years since people were talking about the push-up challenge but I think this might be the original website. It's not the only option. I can also work out on our paddle erg, hike, bike (if I'm very gentle when I unclip) and - probably - do yoga. I wanted to do an ultrarun this month but these things will have to do for now.
Oct 4, 2018 5:40 PM # 
Carbon's Offset:
I remember Carbon (aka "Gunshow Arms" ;) ) and I doing this program. There were a few different web links but I think they all led to the same program chart. It was remarkable how this marched you up through the program and brought you to push up numbers that seemed kind of ridiculous and amusing. Each workout would take you to the limit, you would collapse to the floor and dread the increase of a few more push ups in the next workout, which seemed impossible, yet it always ended up being just barely doable. I remember Ms. Gunshow getting to about 60-70 real, quality consecutive push ups and would have gone higher (it became obvious that this program worked and really could take you to 100) before our new AR training program and coach told us to stop, just because he wanted our energy directed to our other training and felt that 70 push ups was more than we would ever need. I've recently been thinking about it again.... there is a sick curiosity about getting to 100 and a feeling of unfinished business.
Oct 4, 2018 5:45 PM # 
Carbon's Offset:
And as for your statement re: not being able to handle the high numbers of the push-up challenge unless you do them from your knees: your initial test count just determines where you start, not whether you will be able to get there :). Of course you can't do the high numbers now, none of us can, that's the whole point :)
Oct 4, 2018 5:46 PM # 
I remember doing this and the 20 pull-up challenge after my knee surgery, and boy was I glad when they were done. I got good at push ups and bad at everything else, then good at pull-ups and bad at the rest.
Oct 4, 2018 6:30 PM # 
I need things that don't use my injured foot much, hence push-ups from the knees are the only option at the moment. As soon as my foot is better, I'll be back on the trails with my feeble upper body!

I did the initial test with full push-ups in 2010, which I think is when Carbon did the challenge. I remember your coach making you stop. I did 16 in the test, which meant I was "average" (I'd say I'm below). I looked back in my log and I only did the first challenge workout with full push-ups (14 13 12 10 with brief rests) and was in so much pain that I couldn't do my paddle training over the next couple of days so I gave up. The only consolation was that Super gave up after doing the test and never even *got* to Workout 1 so at least I didn't place last. ;)

There was a long time when push-ups weren't an option because of a torn rotator cuff so they are definitely a weakness. Not sure my rotator cuff would let me get above "average" even now.
Oct 4, 2018 7:38 PM # 
Carbon's Offset:
That seems to me like an impressive starting number of pushed ups! Maybe you should go for it and do them with only one foot on the ground!

Interesting observation from ‘Bent re: getting worse at everything else.
Oct 4, 2018 7:43 PM # 
Does doing 100 of those ones where you throw yourself up, clap, and complete the pushup count? I got a lot further if we are talking about those, but yeah, outside of that, I got nuthin.
Oct 4, 2018 7:50 PM # 
Oh, I'd forgotten that was your test result! :)

You used to be encouraging back in 2010. But it was a different world, sigh.
Oct 5, 2018 12:28 AM # 
coach ld:
Aim for your age, on your birthday. It seems to work pretty well as a goal. For me anyway. But I love push ups :)
OR go for "20-down". It comes to 220 altogether.
There are just so many options fro push up fun!
Oct 5, 2018 1:34 AM # 
Ugh. Did the test again. Screw that noise.
Oct 5, 2018 2:07 AM # 
I did the 100 when I was working away from home a lot so my strength training usually had push ups twice a week. At the time I was doing three sets of 50. From that base, it wasn’t hard to get to 100 in a set. Now that I do a set of pushups once every couple of months for old times sake, there are times when 30 feels like too much work.
Oct 5, 2018 2:52 AM # 
Carbon's Offset:
Wow, impressive numbers veinbuster!
Oct 5, 2018 3:53 AM # 
once you get to 100 knee pushups you should start working up to this.
Oct 5, 2018 4:03 AM # 
Ha! My strength training today consisted of crossing my fingers that my ankle will heal soon so I can forget about all this silliness. But you all sound like you're doing really well so keep it up!

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